Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 4...

We went to an Akron Aeros game yesterday. The Akron Aeros are a Double A Minor League affiliates for the Cleveland Indian's. They are doing AWESOME this year. Currently they are in first place in the EAS Souther Division..

Here's L in the van on the drive over..

Grandma planting a big kiss on B..
J got a ride on daddy's shoulder for the walk to the stadium..(yeah, it's a bit out of focus, but unfortunately I missed on the whole series, UGH)..

And, J with Gma and Gpa..
And what does a young man do at the ball game when your seats are just a few rows to the right of home plate? You yell at the opposing pitcher..and what do you yell? B yelled, "Pitcher's got a big butt, and pitcher's got a rubber arm'... Yeah, he had fun. We went with his ball team and it was so much fun. We pretty much had this whole section to ourselves and B loved being there with all of his buddies..



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Holly Curtis said...

Great pictures of the ball game! I especially love the one of grandma giving the kiss! What a treasure. Sometimes, as photographers, we forget to just capture the moments with our family - waiting for the right light or the perfect scenario. So what if those pictures of the ride on daddy's shoulders are out of focus - you captured to moment, and that is awesome! :)